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Why Should I Buy Contact Lenses From My Optometrist?

people buying contacts on laptopsCurrently, there are many ads about how you can buy cheap contacts online. In fact, as contact lenses rise in popularity, the number of online eyewear retailers continues to grow constantly. As a result, many of our patients from Algonquin and Woodstock wonder:

Should I get contacts from any online store?

Does it matter where I buy contact lenses?

In short, yes – it does matter, and no – you should not get contacts from just anywhere! Read on to understand all the benefits of buying contact lenses from your eye care specialist.

Advantages of Buying Contacts from Your Optometrist

Open Box Exchange

Vision prescriptions change, and this can happen when you’re in the middle of a box of contact lenses. However, if you bought your contacts from our eye care center, you’ll be able to exchange them for your new and updated prescription. In contrast, if you bought them from a random online retailer, you’re stuck with the rest of the box. Either you’ll need to discard them, or wear the wrong prescription until your supply runs out. This is a great reason for Algonquin and Woodstock residents to buy contacts from our selection at Atkinson Eye Care.

Substantial Rebates

At first glance, the prices listed on many online sites to buy cheap contacts appear lower. Yet, don’t be fooled. What consumers don’t know is that many optometrists have a special business relationship with the premium manufacturers. This unique agreement allows optometrists to redeem significant rebates on behalf of their patients – translating into incredible savings that make their final price much lower and cost-saving. Online retailers do not have the same business agreements that optometrists have with contact lenses manufacturers.

Personalized Purchase Experience

Our caring eye care professionals are here to serve you with first-rate service for your overall vision and ocular health. In comparison, online vendors exist purely to profit from selling contact lenses. When you purchase your contact lenses from our Algonquin store, you’ll be treated to a warm and reassuring and expert experience. We are knowledgeable about contacts, and we want to make sure you are fully satisfied with your new pair!

How do we do this? We get to know your unique situation and your vision requirements. We know the demands you put your eyes and everyone is different. Everyone has different eye sensitivity. Our in-depth diagnosis determines what your eyes need and the type of contacts you can wear comfortably. We know you'll never get that kind of personalized service when buying from an unknown source.

Also, your eyes change over time. You may not be able to notice these changes because in many cases there are no symptoms. Without an Optometrist examining your eyes first, how are you to know? Our eye exams give you comprehensive, up to date, effective and time-saving information vital to making the best decision on what contacts to buy. Why take a chance buying the wrong contacts when we are here to make your life easier. Put your eyes in our hands and don't leave your vision to chance.

Welcome to Our Site: Buy Contact Lenses Online

You can have the best of both worlds when you purchase contacts from us: the convenience of online shopping and the expert, personalized experience of an optometrist who cares about you. When you need to replenish your supply, just place your order with your current vision prescription. We offer a total inventory of contacts, so even if you require specialty lenses for a hard-to-fit condition, we’ll supply you with the best product for your needs.

With our online purchase site, there’s never a reason to make repeated trips to the store to check on availability. We’re pleased to save you precious time and money as we satisfy the vision needs of our patients from Algonquin and Woodstock!


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