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Living With Keratoconus – Scleral Lens Patient Testimonial

Living with Keratoconus for almost 10 years tried almost everything within my reach to be able to improve my vision. I visited several eye doctors with high hopes and expectations only to encounter deception. Experienced firsthand what it was to be treated as a number as another patient on the list. I also received word from previous eye doctors asking me to be content with whatever they were giving me because "at least I was going to be able to see something" despite the unbearable discomfort. However, I never stopped searching.

And this 2019, while searching Online, I found Atkinson Eye Care. I didn't know what my experience would be, yet much to my surprise, this place exceeded my expectations from the very beginning. Upon arrival I felt sincerely welcomed. Their staff took care of me like they honestly wanted me to receive all the best they had to offer. Dr. Elizabeth took time to sit with me, hear my story.

Thoroughly evaluate my case making use of top of the line technology and provided my wife and I not only with relevant information, but also with a personalized plan to follow with my best interests in mind. She made sure that I was able to have the best vision possible while at the same time being comfortable with my scleral lenses. Her assistant, Melissa always had a smile on her face and positive answer to all our questions and concerns. I had series of visits to the office during my fitting process and I can only say great things about this place. It is not only the relaxing atmosphere of the office but most importantly rate quality of people who work there.

I would definitely recommend Atkinson Eye Care's office to anyone suffering from Keratoconus and to anyone who would like to feel like they are in professional hands who truly care about them and their eye's health.