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Scleral Lens For Keratoconus & Hard To Fit Patients


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Scleral Lenses: Custom Contacts For Keratoconus

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Other Conditions That Can Benefit From Scleral Contact Lenses:

  • Corneal Ecstasia
  • Severe Dry Eyes
  • Sjorgen’s Syndrome
  • Stevens – Johnson syndrome
  • Pellucid Marginal Degeneration
  • Post Lasik Complications
  • Graft versus host disease
  • Post RK Complications
  • Severe Eye Allergies
  • Neurotrophic keratopathy
  • Post PRK Complications

Properly treating Keratoconus requires specialized training and advanced equipment, not every optometrist is able to offer the best solution for a patient with Keratoconus.

Our Optometrists, offer advanced care for Keratoconus including the most effective method, Scleral Contact Lenses.

Scleral Lenses provide patients with Keratoconus the following benefits:

  • Rigid Lenses create a smooth surface for ultra crisp vision.
  • Wide lenses that sit on the white of the eye, reducing discomfort from contact with the cornea.
  • Wide design means less movement, which ensures all day comfort.
  • Vaulted design creates pocket for lubricant, leaving your eyes moist all day.

Meet Our Optometrist's

Dr. Elizabeth Atkinson

Elizabeth M. Atkinson, OD

Dr. Elizabeth is passionate about Scleral lenses, as she see’s first hand the results and consequent emotions that the patient has after switching over to Sclerals.

Dr. Elizabeth Atkinson says “The challenge with Scleral Lenses is that so many people just do not know about them. They are so versatile and provide solutions for so many kinds of patients, I foresee Sclerals becoming more and more prevalent with patients.”

Dr. William Atkinson

William Atkinson, OD

Dr. Bill has many years experience working with specialty contact lens fittings, and helping patients with Keratoconus in particular. Dr. Bill believes that Scleral Lenses are a cut above the rest of the options for patients with Keratoconus, but also for many other patients that have difficulty wearing contact lenses. What makes Scleral Lenses so game changing is the fact that they improve so many different aspects of the patients eye comfort and vision.

The Three C’s Of Scleral Lenses

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Sclerals have so many advantages for the comfort of the patient, that no lens comes close. Custom designed to your eye, they are the most personalized approach to contact lens fitting. The vaulted design ensures a hydrating liquid reservoir, and the wide diameter means that nothing is touching your irregular/scarred cornea.



By completely vaulting over the irregular or scarred cornea, Scleral contact lenses are able to provide vision that far exceeds other modes of vision correction. Our patients love telling us how Scleral Lenses have changed their lives, giving them vision they did not think was possible.



Sceral Lenses provide consistency other contacts can't. The artificial tears reservoir ensures consistent moisture, the large diameter maintains consistent positioning of the lens, and the large smooth surface provides consistent image quality and vision.

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Our Patients Know Best!

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Q&A with Dr. Atkinson| Keratoconus?

What Is Keratoconus?

Keratoconus is a condition that effects the Cornea, causing a bulging or irregularity of the corneal surface. This causes distortion of vision, discomfort, and the inability to wear normal contact lenses. Keratoconus affects up around half a percent of Americans, and progresses from early teens into the early 40's. 

What Causes Keratoconus?

The largest study ever preformed on Keratoconus, looked at 32,000 people at the University of Michigan’s Kellogg Eye Center and Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation. The research has indicated that the following populations have a significant increase in risk:

  • Men,  with a higher likelihood for  African-American or Latino descent.
  • Asthmatics
  • People with Sleep apnea
  • People with Down syndrome

Furthermore there is research that shows that rubbing your eyes and genetics increases the likelihood of Keratoconus. 

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  • Scleral Lenses are an effective solution for many eye conditions such as severe dry eye, irregularities, after cornea transplants, eye injury complications, Keratoconus, post surgery or post LASIK complications, and Sjorgens.