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I cannot say enough about my experience at Atkinson Eye Care. We moved to the Barrington area recently and chose them for my children’s back to school eye exams. I hadn’t had a visit with them myself yet when I woke up unable to open my right eye. Despite not being registered as a patient with them myself, they worked me in the same day and quickly diagnosed an ocular ulcer. Dr. Jay was able to immediately relieve my pain and set up a treatment plan. As part of the healing process, I needed to wear glasses instead of my usual contacts, but didn’t have any backup glasses. They were able to see me again the following day to update my prescription, chose the perfect frames, and walk away the same day with glasses. Thank you to Dr. Jay, Kathryn, Cindy, Brandy who together did an excellent job helping me to choose and fit frames and cut lenses on site. A++++++++ experience!
3 days ago
- Patti B.
Atkinson Eye Care is a top notch practice. The staff is extremely outgoing, pleasant, and professional. I first visited the practice after experiencing headaches, and eye fatigue. This was new for me, as I have had no vision problems for 30 + years. Dr. Patel explained my condition (astigmatism), with such a great bed side manner, and helped me understand the factors that were causing my eyes to strain, which was the cause of my headaches. Meg helped me pick out glasses that were comfortable, and looked good as well. As this is my first time wearing eye glasses, I had a lot of questions, and Meg did a great job giving me options, and helping me avoid bad choices. Fast forward 6 months, I had a situation where my 2 yr old daughter hid my glasses on me in the morning, and I thought I lost my glasses. I had an upcoming business trip, and was in a tight spot, as not having my glasses would leave me unprotected from eye strain. This was a sign that I need to order a second pair of glasses, so that I had a backup pair. The staff at Atkinson was so helpful, found an opening in the schedule for me to come in that day to get fitted for a new pair of glasses. The glasses were on order that day, and since I was still experiencing eye strain, we add the Preventia coating to help. The customer service that Atkinson has demonstrated in all interactions, has been top notch. My wife and I are very grateful that Atkinson does pediatric opthamology, as our now 2.5 yr old has astigmatism, like her Dad. The last example that I would like to share, was several weeks ago, when I had gotten something in my left eye. It felt like there was sand in there, and I thought that maybe I had gotten pink eye. I was in a lot of pain, and since it was Sunday, I toughed it out til Monday AM, when the Atkinson office opened. The staff was great, they fit me in that morning with an appt with Dr.Patel. TL;DR, I had gotten something stuck under my eye lid, that was gently scratching my eye, and Dr. Patel was able to reduce the swelling with drops, and then clean the eye out a few days later. As I mentioned, every interaction that I have had at Atkinson Eye care, has been fantastic. My family and I will continue to trust the Atkinson team with our eyes, and I would recommend Atkinson to anyone, without reservation. Oh and one last thing...we found the first pair of glasses. Since my second pair of glasses had the Preventia coating, when wearing them, I was no longer experiencing eye strain. I followed up with Brandi about this difference between the two pairs, as I was confused why the Preventia coating (in addition to bluelight blocking Sapphire coating). Brandi offered to have the lenses for my first pair, remade, to include the Preventia coating, at no cost to me. This gesture went a long way with me, and solidified my loyalty to Atkinson Eye Care, as the whole team really sets the bar high when it comes to feeling like the most important client. Signed, A grateful client
2 months ago
- Blake
I wish there were 6 stars I could give to the Atkinson Eye Care Team. From start to finish everyone here was friendly and accommodating. My husband and I came in as new patients looking for a more specialized and personable experience than the average low price vision chain stores could provide. This visit was worth every penny. Dr. Patel took the time to thoroughly examine and explain our current situations, and recommend quality products to assist us with all of our vision needs. I also want to give a special shout out to Brandy and Meg. These ladies are the dream team of helping you find new frames. We have never been to any other eye care office where employees have been so knowledgeable (and excited) about the specifics of the inventory, as well as the best styles to recommend for your face type. These ladies made my day. They absolutely love their job and it makes such a big difference. Thank you to all of the staff at Atkinson Eye Care. We are so excited that we found you!
2 months ago
- sara e.
Everyone was very nice and helpful.
4 months ago
- Jamie C.
We went here last week and were very impressed. The staff was friendly. The place was super clean and very safe. The doctor was knowledgeable and found several issues that our previous place had missed. My son will see better than ever before. The office staff helped us find frames that fit well and suit our personal style. I highly recommend this place.
4 months ago
- Karin K.
Brandy was fantastic in helping me to pick out new glasses. She was super friendly and had just the best attitude.
4 months ago
- Glen M.
I’ve been going to Atkinson Eye Care since not long after they opened in another location. Drs. Bill and Becky have become friends over the years. I know they do good work, and I trust them. I also enjoy talking to all the employees, who are all friendly and helpful.
4 months ago
- Jane R.